Las Alegres Reverendas appropriate the Juan Lockward bar

Niurka Mota

With performances at 9:30 pm, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from August 2.

Geannina Rodriguez 2
Geannina Rodriguez

Three nuns of very noble souls are able to take up the challenge of opening a bar to fulfill the mission of saving souls. And this is how Geannina Rodríguez, Niurka Mota and Karla Hatton appropriate from Thursday August 2 the Juan Lockward bar of the Eduardo Brito National Theater and fill it with fun with the jocular comedy entitled “Las alegres reverendas” (The cheerful Reverends).

With a direction by Niurka Mota, the staging produced by José Antonio Aybar and Miguelina Terrero completes the attractions of the welcoming bar whose charm is to present productions as a café theater where the audience can enjoy a good performance while it have its favorite drink.

With performances at 9:30 pm, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from August 2, the tickets are on sale at Uepa Ticket, Via Group or at the entrance of the same bar when performances are scheduled.

Karla Hatton 3
Karla Hatton

Three experienced actresses

Niurka Mota, respected veteran of the Dominican stages, has acted in numerous plays and directed more than 20. Nominated and winner on several occasions at the Casandra Awards, she has performed in Paris, Miami, Puerto Rico and Lisbon, among other places.

Geannina Rodríguez is an experienced actress who has participated with important roles in the plays: “La casa de Bernarda Alba”, “Vuelvo enseguida”, “Petra la alcaldesa”, “El Refrán nuestro de cada día” y “La historia de Santa Claus” among others.

Karla Hatton is a veteran Dominican actress who has performed in more than 90 plays and some 40 local films. So, we could see her in “El caso del corbatín sospechoso”, “Ana Frank”, “El diario” and “Las locas del bingo” among others. In the cinema, she has had important roles in “El fantasma de mi novia”, “La musiquita por dentro”, “Santi Clo”, “El hoyo del diablo” and “La maldición del padre Cardona”, among many other productions. She is an acting teacher in different institutions.