Jérôme Sainte-Luce’s “Koleksyon” is visible at Fort Fleur d’Épée

Koleksyon 8

From September 09 to 24, Concept Art presents the exhibition of the painter Jérôme Sainte-Luce entitled “Koleksyon” at Fort Fleur d’Épée in Le Gosier. This is a new selection of works from the series Lespwinèg.

Koleksyon 7

Since 2009, notably with the exhibition “Les Âmes Gravées”, the artist has been conducting visual research on Amerindian culture after the disappearance of these peoples (Arawaks, Caribs, etc.) in Guadeloupe and in most of the Caribbean basin…

Koleksyon 2

Kariculture : Why did you choose this title – “Koleksyon” – for this exhibition?

Jérôme Sainte-Luce : “Koleksyon” is an exhibition that retraces in a very synthetic way my drawing and painting practice from 2017 to 2022.

Koleksyon 3

Kariculture : How many works will you present to the public?

J. S.-L. : More than 40 works.

Koleksyon 4

Kariculture : What kind of works have you selected for this “Koleksyon”?

J. S.-L. : The selected pieces are paintings and drawings with a more frontal dimension. For the “Koleksyon” exhibition, I wanted a lot of red, saturated colors and some drawings from several different years.

Koleksyon 5

Kariculture : You have already participated in group exhibitions organized by Concept Art directed by Franck Thévenaud, this time you are exhibiting alone so you have the opportunity to show a larger number of paintings, are you happy to let people discover or rediscover your universe? Why?

J. S.-L. : The exhibition “Koleksyon” is a way for me to plant my universe, to occupy a space with “my presences” and to take the spectators somewhere else, at least I hope so.

Koleksyon 6