Expo-Carnival Cabarete 2021: a 6th edition in tradition

For four days foreigners and Dominicans visited “Lax Cabarete” to enjoy the exhibition, workshops and shows of the Expo-Carnival dedicated to Luka Mieses Dozet.

Expo Carnaval Cabarete

In order to maintain the carnival tradition, the 6th edition of the “Expo Carnival Cabarete 2021” was held for four days from Thursday 25 to Sunday 28 March, culminating with a wonderful show by the band “Yucahú”. The second level of Lax Cabarete was the stage where the general producer of the event Erick Michael Vargas, together with Hasudi Montolio, Kashmir Jones and a great work team carried out this activity.

Foreigners and locals were witnessed of the majestic carnival on the theme of exhibition where the costumes that identify some towns such as the Guloyas of San Pedro de Macoris, the Pintao of Barahona, the Lechon Joyero, the Pepinero and the Fantasia all created in Santiago de los Caballeros, the Platanuses of Cotui and the traditional Diablos Cojuelos of Santo Domingo and La Vega were exhibited. The King of Carnival “Califé”, the “Diosa de la Cabuya” and the world famous “Roba la Gallina”, considered a UNESCO World Heritage, completed the exhibition.

In addition, craft activities for children by Master Stalin “Chanina” Salcedo, who gave a workshop on painting and modelling of masks, while the creative Hamlet Baez exhibited and explained the elaboration of his works of art made with recycled metal.

The inauguration of the “Expo-Carnival Cabarete 2021” was attended by Freddy Cruz and Wilfredo Olivences, mayors of Cabarete and Sosúa respectively, as well as the Regional Director of the Ministry of Culture, Johnny Lluberes and the deputy director of popular participation of the same entity Eddy Matos. Different personalities who gave their support to art and culture in the area, such as Doña Luz Viña, the Cabarete fire chief Jack Patri, as well as Jesús Aponte, Adam Gutman, Ramón Mieses and Jiu Jitsu de la Costa were recognised there.

The artistic part was in charge of guitarist Alex Jacquemin, who delighted the audience with his harmonious chords on the evening of Friday 26, while the dance academy “Emily Watson Dance School” brought joy to the children on the afternoon of Saturday 27. The “Yemaya” tribe performed a majestic choreography and the folk group “Yucahú Band” injected euphoria into the official closing of the event on Sunday 28 March with a comparsa of ladies accompanied by percussionists.

This edition was dedicated to the memory of Luka Mieses Dozet one of the founding children of the Cabarete Carnival. To see everything that happened at the Expo-Carnaval Cabarete 2021 go to Instagram @carnavalcabarete.oficial and on FaceBook/carnavalcabareterd.