Covid-19: more than 80 artists unite to produce “Unidos Cantemos”

More than 80 artists from the city of Cotuí in the Dominican Republic gathered to produce a unreleased track, “Unidos Cantemos”, and sing with one voice a new hymn of hope for the whole world.

Musicians, singers, arrangers, composers and producers created a musical title, “Unidos Cantemos”, that is accompanied by an allegorical video at the moment when we are living in social isolation. The release will be this Tuesday April 12 at 6:00 pm in the programme “El Mismo Golpe con Jochy” and on a network of radio and television stations which support this great project made with love. Each musician was recorded from his home or personal home studio and remotely, by editing and postproduction, the images were mixed which gave the desired sounds to the audiovisual.

“With this song, a great tribute is paid to our Cotui village, showing their typical natural beauties and also to Orquesta Universal, a Cotuisana merengue group from the 60’s that was a standard in the Dominican national music”, they said.

In this great audiovisual production participated musicians such as Ite Jerez (trumpet player of Fania All Star), Rodhen Santos (former trumpet player of Juan Luis Guerra and Milly Quezada), Edward Boden (keyboardist and trumpet player of Sergio Vargas), Eddy Rivas (bass), Zacarias Ferreira, Toño Rosario, Julio César Fernandez (percussion) Mirian Cruz, Dilson de La Rosa (former Krisppy’s bassist), José Luis Marmol (piano), Juan Isidro Acosta (saxophone), La Banda Gorda, Ángel Viloria (guitar), Moisés Acosta (guira and minor percussion).

The participating composers were Elvis Manuel Batista, Hommy Suárez, Rubén Irrizary, Yohenia Castro, Dilson de La Rosa Cristopher Rosario and Misael Rincón (also producer of the video).

The voice cast included José Peña Suazo, Joe Veras, Carlos David, Jalsen Santana (winner of the Soberanos Prize 2018), Kmiel, Engel Trejo, Alberto Martínez, Jay Diamond, Hommy Suárez, Ronny Bautista, Luigi D, Omar Nuñez, Salvatore Moreno, Soram Torres, Marina Ángeles, Yohenia Castro, Diomedes Vásquez, Luis Alberto Bautista, Erasmo Sánchez, Bernardo Morel, Elvis Manuel Batista, Diomedes Vazques, Marina Ángeles, Salvatore Moreno, Soranyi Torres, Hommy Suarez, Dilson de La Rosa and the artist El Bélico for the urban part (rap). #UnitedCantemos in all social networks.