Covid-19: Lenis Garcia launches “A call for life” initiative

In order to contribute and help in times when the pandemic caused by the Covid-19, has paralyzed the world, communicator and lawyer Lenis Garcia has launched the campaign “A call for life”, to which a group of professionals has joined with the purpose of providing assistance and advisory services for free to people who require these services.

Lenis Garcia 2

“A call for life”, which initially began in the account @lenisgarciag, guiding the population around the issues of Covid-19, has become stronger when it has been joined by collaborators experts in their fields, who will give legal advice and psychological help to all who need it from this Monday 20 of this month. People will be able to communicate through the mail and through the Instagram @lenisgarciag.

“The idea is to support by providing solutions to the problems of these people from home. By doing so, we are also making it clear that we all have a way to contribute to this serious situation we are facing. This initiative was created with the aim of providing help in two areas that we know are very important at this time. Mental health is something that many at this time do not have since the psychological impact of this virus is enormous. On a legal level, we know that thousands of citizens are hungry for information because many are going through situations in which their rights have been violated, and that is why we are here,” explained lawyer and communicator Lenis Garcia.

The host of the program “Lenis Opiniones” also emphasized that apart from her law firm LG have joined MR. Abogados, Trilex Legal, Carlos Felipe Abogados, Acosta and Rosario Abogados, the staff of Terapia Boutique and another group of psychology professionals.

To be assisted, people must write providing basic information such as name, identity card, telephone number and a brief explanation of the case.

The Dominican Republic is the Caribbean island most affected by Covid-19. This Thursday, April 23, 2020, the Ministry of Public Health reported that the cases increased to 5,543. The deaths toll rose to 265. There are 581 recovered.