The Brothers Eddy and Evelio Herrera end their professional relationship artist-manager

Merenguero Eddy Herrera and his brother, Evelio, who was his manager.

After a 28-year business relationship, the brothers Eddy and Evelio Herrera reached a harmonious agreement to put an end to their business relationship that existed between them as an artist and a manager since 1993.

Eddy Herrera

The Herrera brothers, from April, ended their business relationship that served as an example to many as one of the best partnerships in the entertainment industry that both built so that, today, Eddy is one of the greatest and most successful representatives of merengue and Evelio, is one of the most important impresarios of Dominican Republic and internationally.

Since 1994, the artist created his company “Intermusic, S.R.L.” which was his main platform for all these years. Evelio also created and formalized his company “EHE” in 2014. Since then, the attention for both companies and projects were not properly managed in a general way and this was the main reason for the agreement.

Eddy will continue to work with his team and will strengthen some aspects related to all his national and international work. Evelio, from his company will work on large-scale projects and said that his brother and artist Eddy Herrera would be included in many of them. Evelio will have authorization for “Booking” for Eddy Herrera within the Dominican Republic and, internationally and equally, it also will be done by Eddy’s company.

Evelio also said he felt very sad and nostalgic for the separation. “From now on, I’m sure that both will be happy and our projects will be strengthened : each person has a date for major changes and the time has come for us”, he said.

From his part, the merenguero and artist Eddy Herrera said he feels very nostalgic because of the separation, they had been together during 28 years as “artist, manager and brothers”, it will not be easy to get used to it but, in a short time, everything will be back to normal again for both and “I know that Evelio will be very successful”. The charismatic singer indicated that he is very grateful for the valuable work that Evelio did with him this whole time.