Barrington Levy sings “Praise His Name”

Barrington Levy sings praises unto the most-high on this mystical stepper produced by George ‘Powerhouse’ Phang. Originally released in 1983 “Praise His Name” was championed by U.K. Soundsystem operator Jah Shaka and it soon became one of his signature selections, with Sly Dunbar’s rolling toms and Robbie Shakespeare’s deep bass enriching Levy’s reverent lyrics, pressed loud and clean on a heavy slab of 12” vinyl it had all the ingredients to become a ‘Shaka Killer’.

This Roots anthem is now available on streaming and digital platforms including the 12” Discomix plus 7” vocal and dub edits. Prime skanking material!

Barrington Levy “Praise His Name” 12 Inch Mix

Barrington Levy “Praise His Name” 7 Inch Mix

Barrington Levy “Praise His Name” Version

Barrington Levy