At the Carnival of Guadeloupe, the merchants have their mass and parade in Basse-Terre

It has been several years now that the traditional mass of the merchants in the cathedral of Our Lady of Guadeloupe and the traditional carnival parade in the streets of Basse-Terre have been established. After two years of restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic which hit the archipelago hard and which cancelled this cultural event, the merchants and the public were looking forward to this appointment. From 9:00 am, everyone gathered in this beautiful stone church whose construction began in the 18th century and whose restoration work was completed in 2010. After an hour of religious celebration during which the priest, among other things, reminded the merchants that they had to be and remain smiling and pleasant in order to attract customers, the procession composed of several cultural associations left in the direction of the market of Basse-Terre but passing first in the main streets of the capital of Guadeloupe. These ladies – farmers’ wives or women farmers – were very applauded and complimented for their beautiful dresses and hats without forgetting their dance steps. The music was played by three leading carnival bands: Mas Vyéfò, Volcan and Kalson All Stars.