Zouk icon, Jocelyne Béroard, publishes her autobiography “Loin de L’amer”

Jocelyne Béroard will be 68 years old this September. Martinican singer of the band Kassav’, founded by Guadeloupean musicians Pierre-Edouard Décimus and Jacob Desvarieux, publishes her memories in a 328-page book entitled “Loin de l’amer” (Far from the bitter) at Le Cherche Midi publishing.


“Mété rèv-ou a wotè syel, si’w lé gannyé” (Raise your dreams, if you want to win) this is one of Jocelyne Béroard’s mottos and it is certainly what Martinican woman did when she decided to become a singer and then to join the band Kassav’. This advice, she also gives to all those who have artistic or other dreams…

“With Kassav’, she made the whole world dance zouk music, sang in crowded stadiums, experienced improbable tours, sold millions of albums and collected gold records. The only singer of this legendary group, Jocelyne Béroard tells for the first time the Kassav’ saga, the invention of a sound, the affirmation of a language, the hits like “Mové jou” and “Palpatra”. For more than forty years, she moved forward “Kolé seré”, to quote one of her hits, with musicians who became lifelong friends (…)”, we read in the presentation of the artist’s autobiographical book entitled “Loin de l’amer” (Far from the bitter), which will be published by Le Cherche Midi on March 10 in the West Indies and on March 17 in France.

Today, no one knows if the band will perform as before the death of the Guadeloupean guitarist Jacob Desvarieux on July 30, 2021, the co-founder of Kassav’ (with Guadeloupean bassist Pierre-Édouard Décimus) died of Covid-19.

In this period of uncertainty, Jocelyne Béroard probably felt that it was time for her to “leave a written trace” for future generations. The title of this autobiography, “Loin de l’amer”, may mean that “The Zouk Diva” enjoyed her singing career and that, if she had to do it again, she would not change anything. In these pages, Jocelyne Béroard relates her childhood in Fort-de-France, the “vidés” of carnival, piano lessons, crayfish fishing in the rivers, classical dance, passionate discussions in student residences in France, Fine Arts, music, her debut as a backup singer, her struggles for Creole culture, equality and fraternity that forged her determined personality.

Jocelyne Béroard, the icon of a whole generation, sings about life, love, her country, her joys and pain… her story

“Loin de l’amer” : 22,00€ (Antilles) – 19,50€ (France)