Music Mafia promotes Dominican talent with Tik Tok

Mauricio Fabián, the company's founder Music Mafia

This company has managed to give its tiktokers a reach of up to 16 million users.

Digital platforms have become the main way for many young people to show their talents and at the same time serve as a source of income. One of these is Tik Tok, a social network that has come to revolutionize the world of entertainment and in the country the company Music Mafia is in charge of promoting the talent of many Tiktokers who, thanks to it, reach more than 16 million users.

Companies such as “The Influencer Marketing Factory”, “Open Influence” and “Viral Nation” have made a real difference in the Anglo-Saxon market. However, in the Dominican Republic many brands have not managed to accept the power of influence of these media. This is why Music Mafia has decided to launch its promotional services through the Tik Tok platform with its #MMTeam, where customized services are offered and targeted on low-budget projects that want to make a massive and effective impact.

Music Mafia RD is an innovative company in the area of record services for independent artists. “It has not been easy to launch an influencer marketing program because the influencers are Latin girls from all over the world, with a focus on countries such as the Dominican Republic, the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Spain and Venezuela; and it is not easy to manage the logistics, with more than 50 young people who add up to a reach of more than 16 million followers”, explained the company’s founder, Mauricio Fabián.

“The new promotion trend is networks, especially for music, Tik Tok is the ideal. Some international business executives are focussing on the promotion of networks, specifically influencers, but locally the transition has been slow”, Fabián said.

Music Mafia turned out to be one of the few companies that, by their nature, have not been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in their functions. On the contrary, Fabián assures that it has increased its productivity, unlike other markets where its reach has been reduced.

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