Mounia presents her new album “Mixx Moun”

Photo: Migail Montlouis-Felicité

On June 15, Martinican singer Mounia released her new album titled “Mixx Moun” which is a mixing of peoples, cultures and rhythms. “Tous d’accord” is the first track which is played on the radio at the moment.

Mounia 2

This new compact disc which has 13 songs is like a link between the Caribbean islands and the continents, in particular Africa. To illustrate this desire, the artist performs the tracks 11 (Kanu) and 12 (N’teri, that means “my friend”) with Malian singer and storyteller Tom Diakité. The track 9 (Ti fi la Vie) deals with immigration, a theme which is more than ever topical with the migrants who take all risks by crossing the Mediterranean sea to find a better life in Europe but sometimes they do not reach their destination…

“Tous d’accord” is the first song which is now promoted on the radio, on television and the internet. This is a composition by Mounia and sound engineer-composer Laurent Leduc with special guest Life Boat from Saint Lucia; the rhythm is a mixture of afro-beat, soca and calypso.

Mounia 3

A first record in 1988

After being a top model for Givenchy then Yves Saint-Laurent and participating in great fashion shows throughout the world, Mounia Orosemane perfectly succeeded her professional retraining. She chose art and became a singer and a painter. Her first record entitled “Kamikaze” was released thirty years ago. In 1998, she came back with “Trouble”, a song she performed with French singer Bernard Lavilliers. In 2007, she sang “Woopsie Mama” with her partner, the singer from the island of Dominica, Jeff Joseph. Two years ago, she offered the public “Reggae Afro Caribbean Groove”.

Mounia is also a well-known painter who has already exhibited her works in several countries. Last year, she took part for example in the 8th edition of the Pool Art Fair Guadeloupe with an exhibition of 24 paintings and bags called “Rêv’ Bonheur”, much of the money she earned was for the orphanage she founded in Onaville, Haiti, after the disastrous earthquake of January 12, 2010.