DNI Dancers premieres the best dance show via streaming

Víctor Osvaldo Heredia, founder of DNI Dancers

By accessing www.wachaoplus at a cost of $6 you can enjoy this special offer to obtain the necessary funds for the renovation of the dance school.

DNI Dancers 2

In order to provide a different entertainment option to the audience and to appeal to choreographed dance lovers, the company DNI Dancers, one of the most important of the country, released its first virtual show which can be seen on www.wachaoplus.

@dnidancer, known as one of the leading dance schools, where renowned dancers come from, premiered this special programme on December 18, which can be enjoyed from anywhere in the world by accessing the website mentioned above.

The show which mixes different musical genres brings together all the students of the school including children, intermediate juniors, beginners and advanced.

Víctor Osvaldo Heredia, founder of DNI Dancers, said that this idea was also born with the aim of not overlooking the usual great shows he produced at his school where his students could put into practice what they had learned throughout the year. “Doing this show was not easy, we had a lot of work in every sense of the word, but it was worth it because my kids enjoyed it and their work is featured in this audiovisual that you will able to watch as many times as you want with yours and that makes me feel very proud of the team we formed, because once again we proved that unity is strength,” Heredia said.

DNI Dancers worked with important local and international artists and at some of the most relevant events including : Farruko, La Insuperable, Wisin, El Alfa, Mozart La Para, Amara La Negra, Melymel, Miriam Cruz, Pochy Familia, Naty Natasha, El Mayor, Q Awards, Heat Awards, Soberano Awards, Festival Presidente, among others.