Covid-19 & Carnival 2022: The Mouvman Kiltirel AKIYO wrote to the Prefect of Guadeloupe

Two weeks ago, the Prefect of Guadeloupe announced a number of measures – including a curfew – to curb the spread of the Omicron variant in the archipelago. Inevitably, these restrictions cancel any carnival parade that was supposed to start on Sunday, January 2 and continue every weekend until “Fat Days”.  Kariculture publishes the open letter sent to the French State’s representative, by one of the major actors of the Guadeloupean carnival, the Mouvman Kiltirèl AKIYO.


Les Abymes, January 18, 2022


to the Prefect,

Copy to:

Prefect’s Office – Prefect’s Monitoring Committee – ARS –

Regional Council – Departmental Council

Here we are, one year later in the same health situation!

Already last year, the Mouvman Kiltirel AKIYO (MKA), made the decision very early not to go out in the streets in order to protect the Guadeloupean population.

In the face of an unknown global pandemic, aware of that, but also concerned about the risks involved, we wanted to contain the youth and avoid the proliferation of the virus.

In that spirit, we have regularly asked you to assume your responsibilities to protect the Guadeloupean population. In particular by regulating the arrival of passengers on the territory, vaccinated or not.

It is unacceptable that there are no compelling reasons and real quarantines imposed for ALL arriving passengers, despite the fact that the Omicron variant was already present in France.

None of these measures have been taken to anticipate the current wave of contamination and it is clear that once again our culture is sacrificed as it was last year, whether it is carnival, Easter, the long holidays and the end of year celebrations. We are on an island, there is no variant that arrives in Guadeloupe “by swimming”!

We invite you, Mr. Prefect, to learn about the importance of the manners and customs of our island. Culture has an essential place in the balance of Guadeloupean life (Léwoz, kout tambou, theater, music, etc…). In the current social tension, it would be unthinkable for our culture not to express itself and for our population to lose its bearings.

The Mouvman Kiltirel AKIYO is a cultural militant which fights daily for the emancipation of traditional values, transmitted by our ancestors and specific to our island. We recognize that the local economy must survive, but not at the expense of what we are.

It is inconceivable that people who travel, whatever they are, come to have a good time in Guadeloupe, while we are being restricted.

It would be appropriate to build a consensus, to make our island live while protecting its inhabitants and thus to bring together the political, economic, trade-union, associative, cultural, event and employer classes, so that everyone can find their way and the population stops being a victim of each other’s interests.

On January 5, you announced measures for the next 3 weeks. However, right now, we are in a period that is important for our heritage, our youth, our families, our children and the local economy.

Once again this period will be sacrificed by your lack of anticipation and strict protocol to avoid this.

The Mouvman Kiltirel AKIYO already announces, Mr. Prefect, that we will allow our culture to live and to take its place during this carnival season. As soon as we think the health situation allows it, restrictions or not, we will do what we do best : transmit positive energy, healing, strength and love to our people armed with our drums.

We will invite all the Guadeloupean population to live this period and join us to recharge their batteries and show how fed up they are, for love of our island and protection of what we are and what we want to leave to our children!

We encourage you to learn about the history of Guadeloupe, we are not a people who submit.

In the name of our culture and for Guadeloupe.

Ki Yo Vlé Ki Yo Vlé Pa!