CCESD inaugurates the exhibition “Paréntesis. Relatos desde la incertidumbre”

Ana María Lopez - Dominican Republic - "Dos metros de distancia" 2020

The exhibition Paréntesis. Relatos desde la incertidumbre (Parenthesis. Stories from Uncertainty) is based on artistic projects carried out following the Covid-19 pandemic. The Dominican Republic is the second country to host this work, which will be touring the other countries that participated in the call for entries. The exhibition will be open to the public until February 26 and can be visited from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm, Monday to Saturday, in compliance with health protocols.

Tania Candiani_Mexico_El Chinelo_2020_audiovisual_videoarte
Tania Candiani – Mexico – “El Chinelo” 2020

Starting this Thursday, January 20 at 7:00 pm the Centro Cultural de España Santo Domingo (CCESD) will open to the public the collective exhibition “Paréntesis. Relatos desde la incertidumbre” (Parenthesis. Sories from Uncertainty), a selection of artistic proposals, the result of an international call that took place in February 2020, where 51 artistic projects were selected that bring us closer to the uncertainties of a present time with political, social and economic crises caused by the exceptional global situation we are experiencing as a result of the pandemic that the world is going through.

Among the proposals selected are three projects by Dominican artists : Dos metros de distancia, 2020″ (Two meters away, 2020) Sculpture, recycled T-shirts and photography by Ana Maria Lopez, the video “2020-2021”, by Marie Jimenez and Eli Mena and the short film “El camino, 2020” (The road, 2020) by Miguel Oniel.

The exhibition also includes images by photographers who recorded the transformation of deserted cities after the lockdowns caused by the pandemic or images of survival to the limit in those social contexts marked by precariousness and poverty.

A language that abounds is that of the audiovisual, with works that present important and urgent topics to be dealt with in public policies such as mental health, lack of resources in the treatment and research of other major and devastating pandemics such as cancer or AIDS. As reflected works by Milko Delgado (Panama), Meera Sachani (Panama), Tania Madrigal (El Salvador), El Precipicio Films (El Salvador), Rosalía Banet (Spain), Rodrigo Figueroa (Bolivia), Ariel Sosa (Honduras) and Movimiento en Colectivo/MEC (Colombia).

Colectivx SADO_Argentina_La tierra quema adentro_2020_Fotozine
Colectivo SADO – Argentina – “La tierra quema adentro” 2020

Other works address the crisis and precariousness of life and working conditions in the professional sectors of culture. For exemple, works by Violeta Mora (Honduras), Miguel Oniel Diaz (Dominican Republic) and Silvia Jácome and Adriana Jácome (Cuba), which focus more deeply these problems and their consequences for the cultural proletariat.

It is important to highlight a set of collective experiences to recover the memory of those who died of Covid-19 and accompany them in a symbolic farewell that could not take place due to the funeral ban, collectives such as the 22-meter embroidery of the Colectiva para remendar / Collective to repair (Chile), a memorial with the names and stories of the victims of the pandemic.

The exhibition “Paréntesis. Relatos desde la incertidumbre” builds a collective narrative, a kind of memory of the present social crisis and an exceptional historical context that served as a trigger and catalyst for contemporary creation to narrate the many ways in which we managed, as societies and individuals, an unprecedented situation on a global scale.

The curatorial team of the exhibition was composed of curator Suset Sánchez and cultural managers Nur Banzi and Macarena Pérez, who carried out this careful selection of artistic proposals that are part of the traveling exhibition.

The exhibition will be open to visitors from January 20 to February 26, from 9:00 am to 7:00 p.m., Monday to Saturday, in compliance with health and safety protocols. As part of the exhibition, other complementary activities will be undertaken and announced through the CCESD’s networks and its website.

The call is part of the project Archivos de una pandemia (Pandemic Archives) and is supported by AECID’s Ventana Program, which seeks to establish relationships and dialogues through art and culture in the context of the current health crisis.