Nashoo sings at “Le Petit Jardin” until May

Since last October, Dominican-guadeloupean singer, Nashoo, is in residence at the restaurant “Le Petit Jardin”, located in the Barbès Street in Pointe-à-Pitre, near the former courthouse (Guadeloupe)

Nashoo-Petit Jardin 112B
Nashoo & Haya

Until next May, every Friday and Saturday at lunchtime, Nashoo will sing several tracks alone and sometimes with Haya at “Le Petit jardin”.“José, the boss, was searching for a female voice so he offered me to perform on the stage of his restaurant. We stopped the presentations only for two weeks in November on the occasion of La Route du Rhum”, the singer said.

The number of songs can change : “if there is a large audience, I can sing six tracks, otherwise just three tracks. Some songs are on my latest album, others are new compositions”, she said.

Indeed, the great number of fans of the artist who come to this place take pleasure in listening to some hits like “Island flame”, “Si ou lé”, “Another day”, “Way up” or “Summer love”.

“This residence allows me to experience, to know who I am, to meet my fans, people from Guadeloupe or elsewhere like tourists. It’s very important for me. When I am on stage, I interact with my audience. And sometimes, with the musicians from the band “Djenmbi & Gwasound”, we create there tracks”, said Nashoo who rather performs R&B and dance hall.

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