Massiel Taveras consolidates in theatre with the success of “Yo soy todas”

Massiel Taveras said goodbye to the Dominican Republic in 2021 with a sold out and success thanks to the play “Yo soy todas” (I am all), a comedy that hooked the audience from beginning to end with unstoppable laughter and a profusion of talent and versatility on the part of its protagonist.

Taveras, once again demonstrated her potential as an actress and in singing, she defends herself in about six songs sung live and two dubbed, which allowed her to get this exquisite piece, with a staging carried out in Chao Café Teatro under the production of Yorjina Moran.

Massiel Taveras 4

Since this was her first experience as a writer, she consolidates in theatre with this substantial proposal, a monologue in which Massiel unfolds and shows her potential not only as an actress, but also her talent for writing. Something that gave her confidence and allowed her to exploit her talent in this area as well.

According to the performer, this is the most important play of her career and presents her as a complete artist, with a total of 17 strong voices and characters. Indhira “La mass”, Marisela, Rianna, Alicia Villa Real, Natalia Jiménez, tribute to Selena with the character of Jenifer López, Pastor Karpi, Miriam Cruz from Los 80, Berninosis, Shakira, El informante, La crazy, amiguis la colombiana, Henriquito, Ali la aliada, Sol la solterisima, La resadora, among other characters, were part of Massiel’s performance.

One of the most moving moments was the one she dedicated to pay tribute to the late merengue legend Johnny Ventura.