Nashoo: a discreet and ambitious artist

Singer Nashoo has just released in digital version her solo album of eight tracks. The clip of the song “Si ou lé” was shot in Guadeloupe. On May 5, she organized her first showcase in Pointe-à-Pitre. On Monday, May 21, Nashoo will be with singer Haya on the island of Marie-Galante (archipelago of Guadeloupe) to participate in “Tremplin Talent” at the Festival Terre de Blues. But who is this singer whose voice is widely broadcast by major radio stations in the United States?

Nashoo 2

Nashoo was born about thirty years ago of a Dominican mother (now, deceased) and a Guadeloupean father. She was raised by her grandmother, a teacher from the island of Dominica who came to live in Guadeloupe to take care of her grandchildren.

Throughout her childhood, the girl is attracted by the music world. In all the communes where she lived like Les Abymes, Le Moule or Morne-à-l’Eau, she took part in end-of-year parties at school and music groups in the neighborhood, she also wrote song lyrics from the age of 15.

In 2003, when she was in Faustin Fléret High School in Morne-à-l’Eau, she decided to participate in the first edition of the “Défi Lycéens”, this singing competition, launched by Guadeloupean radio host David Eugène which brings together high school students from the Caribbean. Nadine who later became Nashoo ranked 5th. However, she was not disappointed because she knew she had just discovered a little more the artistic world. “It was a very good experience and participants had had a big stage to express themselves with an orchestra”, she recalled.

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A policewoman for 3 years

The next year, she was 18. She dropped out of high school, studies and she left Guadeloupe to go to France. Her older brother was already living in the Paris region. “I wanted to follow my artistic dreams, to get on the heart of the matter. I also wanted to experience the world of work”, she said. Over there, she worked odd jobs to make a living. Then, as she was very sporty, in 2006 she decided to participate in the competitive examinations of the National Police. She passed her exams. “When I became a police officer, I was posted to Paris. There was a good atmosphere with colleagues, I was on the ground or in the offices”, she told.

Her career as a police officer could have been mapped out but the call of singing was stronger. When she was not at the police station, the young woman went to the famous “sound systems” of the Paris region. “That’s where I really had my first experience on stage, it was not a singing competition.. Sometimes I met people who told me that it was not a place for a young girl”, she said. Meanwhile, in Paris, she met Cédric alias Haya who is Guadeloupean and also passionate about music. From this moment, the two young people will work together. In 2009, three years after joining the National Police, Nashoo decided to leave her employment. “My colleagues did not understand why I gave up my career. Police it’s like a big family but it was my choice. I had chosen singing”, she said.

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A family and musical life in London

She took a year off to “find her balance”. In 2011, she gave birth to her first daughter. Six months later, the young couple went to England. A few months later, her second daughter was born. Haya had several jobs to support his family while Nashoo stayed at home to care for children.

But, both did not forget their artistic project. They kept in contact with their artist friends evolved in what is called “underground music”, a term that the singer does not like much. “This would mean that our music is hidden when that is not the case”, said Nashoo. “We had our recording studio at home so we did not have to move to record our songs. We participated in mixtapes even if it was not necessarily paid”, she said.

It should be noted that many compositions written by the singer are in English, a language she learned alongside her Dominican family. In London, her partner Haya had to improve his knowledge of the language of Shakespeare in particular to communicate with their two daughters who were attending school in this city and who speak English fluently…

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Participation in the Coast 2 Coast contest

After spending several years in the capital city of England, the couple decided to return to live in Paris, it will be for the year 2015. “I missed my family and I wanted my children to know her”, said Nashoo. Before their departure, in 2014, their artistic career will take a fortunate turn. Indeed, Nashoo et Haya decided to send a song called “Tsunami” to Coast 2 Coast, this great singing competition from the United States and, thanks to the public votes, they finished in 2nd position. “We just participated, but we did not think to be ranked well. When we saw the results, we were surprised and happy”, said Nashoo.

“Tsunami” was on the “mixtape volume 270” which included Future’s song, the famous American rapper who also presented this compilation. “Tsunami” opened the doors of the largest radio stations in the United States and elsewhere for them. Then, Nashoo and her partner Haya decided to participate once again in the Coast 2 Coast competition in London but, this time, to perform live before jury members like Lil Fats (the CEO of Coast 2 Coast), 808 Mafia (the most famous coalition of US beatmakers), DJ Biggs (a great DJ) among others… Of the twelve finalist candidates, they finished in 4th place. After this outstanding performance, Coast 2 Coast offered Nashoo and Haya to become its representatives on the French territory and organize the competitions, a successful mission until now.

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A solo album entitled “Si ou lé”

The couple has since launched its independent label, Spaceship Music International. In 2017, they recorded a song, “Island Flame”, on the album of American rapper Reimes Schemes.

Nashoo has just released her solo album, “Si ou lé”, available now in digital version. The singer who has been living in Guadeloupe for 8 months with her family recently shot the video clip of the single “Si ou lé”, one of the eight songs. “It’s a mix of old and new songs, I write about what I experience. Love is one of my favorite subjects, love between a man and a woman, universal love, friendship (…)”, she said.

On May 5, the artist organized her first showcase at the restaurant “Le Petit Jardin” in Pointe-à-Pitre with as guests urban singers Foxy Miller, Mega LCC and Haya.

On Monday, May 21, Nashoo and Haya will be in Marie-Galante to participate in the “Tremplin Talent” at the Festival Terre de Blues. The best performance will open the festival in 2019.

Nashoo and Haya, ambassadors for Coast 2 Coast in France