Eddy Herrera becomes a policeman for a day

Like other artists and media personalities, Dominican merengue singer, Eddy Herrera, participated in an initiative called “Policeman for a day RD”. He enjoyed this experience.

Eddy Herrera 2

Eddy Herrera had on Tuesday morning an experience that the merenguero qualified as “wonderful” after becoming a policeman for a day, thanks to an initiative of Major General Ney Aldrin Bautista, Director General of the National Police, under the production of Colonel Durán Mejía, Director of strategic communications, and the associated producers Ángel Sánchez and Rosa Richardson.

“I was happy and fortunate to play the role of a policeman, it was a wonderful experience and I thank my dear friend Major Ney Aldrin Bautista for having allowed me to be a policeman for a day. To have the opportunity to discover and learn more about the management of the stolen vehicles research department was a great learning experience for me, the truth is that I enjoyed that”, explained the singer of “Para toda la vida”

This initiative in which other figures of the media and artists will participate is called “Policeman for a day RD” by the department of vehicle recovery commanded by Colonel Perez Encarnación.

Herrera, who was in different departments of that entity, began the day with the attendance of the police personnel from the Department of stolen vehicles research, where are sent certifications in accordance with the requirements demanded by the DGII, so that the citizens complete the procedures for vehicules transfer, loss of license plate, registration, correction of chassis among others.

The singer ended his work at 12:00 noon after an hard workday, like real cops.

Eddy Herrera 3