“Veneno, primera caída: el relámpago de Jack” will represent the Dominican Republic at the 2019 Ariel Awards

The Dominican Commission of Film Selection 2018 (CDSF), designated by the Directorate General of Film (DGCINE), announced that Dominican film “Veneno, primera caída: el relámpago de Jack” (Poison, first fall: Jack’s lightning), directed by Tabaré Blanchard and produced by Riccardo Bardellino, has been selected to represent the Dominican Republic at the 61st edition of the Ariel Awards.

Created in 1946, the Ariel is an important award given by the Mexican Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences (AMACC), in recognition of the professionals of the Mexican film industry, and the Ibero-American cinema in the category “Best Ibero-American Film”.
“The Ariel Awards are the Mexican Oscar. It is an honor that “Veneno, primera caída: el relámpago de Jack” has been selected by the CDSF to represent the country in the category “Best Ibero-American Film”. This cinematographic work was made with great dedication and respect for the cinema and its elements. We hope it will be selected as a candidate. I feel very happy”, said its director, Tabaré Blanchard.
For his part, the director general of the DGCINE, Yvette Marichal, said: “This first feature film by Tabaré Blanchard is a great film that, in addition to telling a story about a Dominican super hero, represents the quality of production that currently has the film industry in the Dominican Republic”.
About the selection of the film to represent the country in the Ariel Awards, the CDSF highlights that “it is a cinematographic work that links an effective direction and an acting care, with technical virtues in its editing, production design, successful music, special effects and impeccable rhythm”.
The DGCINE created the Dominican Commission for Film Selection (CDSF), in order to be responsible for selecting the Dominican cinematographic works that will represent the Dominican Republic in the different international prize-giving ceremony where the DGCINE thinks that the country’s participation is necessary, in accordance with the strategic development of the national film industry and the global positioning of the movie works.
The commission is made up of: Omar de la Cruz, Luis Arambilet, Luis Rafael González, Bernardita García and Alfonso Quiñones.

Veneno 2

Specification sheet
Genre: Action, Drama
Director: Tabaré Blanchard
Sriptwriters: Tabaré Blanchard, Riccardo Bardellino, Miguel Yarul and Marien Zagarella
Photography: Sebastián Cabrera Shilling
Editing: Shaina Cohen
Sound: Luichy Guzmán
Artistic director: Giselle Madera
Executive producer: Riccardo Bardellino
Duration: 96 minutes
Cast: Manny Perez, Pepe Sierra, Richard Douglas, Yamilet Scheker, Xiomara Rodriguez, Ovandy Camilo, Riccardo Bardellino, Jaime Piña, Janio Bencosme and Anibal Martinez.
It is a biopic that narrates the beginning and birth of the greatest Dominican fighter of all time: Rafael Sánchez, better known as Jack Veneno “The World Bolita Champion”, and his archenemy José Manuel Guzmán, better known as Relámpago Hernández “La gallina”.
“Best Cinematography”, Sydney Indie Film Festival, Australia
“Best Urban Action”, Urban Action Showcase, United States