Earl Lovelace was re-elected President of the Caribbean Writers Association

Photo: Marie-France Grugeaux-Etna

The Trinidadian world-famous writer, Earl Lovelace (81-years-old) was re-elected unanimously President of the Caribbean Writers Association at the 4th Congress of the Caribbean Writers Association.

Created in 2008 at the initiative of Guadeloupe, the Caribbean Writers Association (CWA) wants to be a “geographical place of exchanges, initiatives and proposals contributing to the construction of a Caribbean identity which is decolonized by the creation of thought, decompartmentalized and shows solidarity”.

During six years, the association was chaired by Roger Toumson (Guadeloupean professor of the Universities and writer), its general secretary was Ernest Pépin (Guadeloupean novelist and poet). Since November 2014, the association was managed by a new Bureau which was representative of the Caribbean linguistic diversity composed of 7 members.

After this 4th Congress of the Caribbean Writers Association which took place from April 15 to 18, 2015, the bureau was renewed : Earl Lovelace (Trinidadian writer) was re-elected President of the Caribbean Writers Association ; the 1st vice-president is Lyonel Trouillot (Haitian writer) ; 2nd vice-president, Delia Blanco (Dominican university profesor et writer) ; 3rd vice-president, Alexandre Alaric (Martinican philosopher and writer) ; 4th vice-president, Gisèle Pineau (Guadeloupean writer) ; 5th vice-president, Ariel Camejo (Cuban writer) ; Assistant treasurer, Joël Des Rosiers (Haitian poet, ensayist and psychiatrist)…

This association, now eight, has four objectives namely :

– to defend, to promote and to share the works of the caribbean literature,

– to contribute to the perpetuation of a literary and intellectual space in the Caribbean,

– to award the “Grand Prix Littéraire of the Caribbean Writers” to a Caribbean writer or a French-Creole-speaking, English-speaking, Spanish-speaking and Dutch-speaking work,

– to arouse the love of reading through the creation of meetings and exchanges places with the writers,

Moreover, the organization of the Congress of Caribbean Writers every two years and the translation of works into the languages spoken in the Caribbean are part of the actions of the Caribbean Writers Association.