Some Jamaican reggae and dancehall releases to listen

Kariculture invites you to discover about 20 new releases of Jamaican music (reggae and dancehall) in November and December 2022 directly from the sub-label VPAL Music. 

They are: Intence with “Big Food”; Don Yute with “BussOut Riddim”; Teco with “Beg Yuh One Dance”; Bugle with “So Many Bills”; Marvin Binns & Patexx with “Catch Me”; Intence with “High Ritual”; Cress Hibber with “Island Luv”; Iwaata with “Shoot Out”; World A Girl with “La La”; Lutan Fyah with “Nah Sleep Mastered”; Jahvillani & Papi with “Military Standard”; Natural Black with “Mission To Conquer”; Jahvillany with “Money Pon Mi Mind”; Munga Honourable with “Happy and Well”; Nvasion with “Social Media”; Robbie Lyn with “One Day I’ll Fly Away”; Sas El Gringo with “Leverage”; The Ruler Riddim Luthan Fyah with “Rich”; Yami Bolo with “Crucial Duets Vol.1 War”.

Intence – “Big Food”



Don Yute – “BussOut Riddim”

Don Yute


Teco – “Beg Yuh One Dance”



Bugle -“So Many Bills”

Buggle 2


Marvin Binns & Patexx –“Catch Me”

Marvin Binns


Intence – “High Ritual”

Intence Ritual


Cress Hibber – “Island Luv”

Cress Hibbert


Iwaata – “Shoot Out”



World A Girl – “La La”

Worl a girl


Lutan Fyah – “Nah Sleep Mastered”

Lutan Fyah


Jahvillani & Papi – “Military Standard”

Jahvillani & Papi don


Natural Black avec “Mission To Conquer”

Natural black



Jahvillany – “Money Pon Mi Mind”



Munga Honourable – “Happy and Well”

Happy and well


Nvasion avec “Social Media”



Robbie Lyn avec “One Day I’ll Fly Away”

Robbie Lyn


Sas El Gringo – “Leverage”

Sas El Gringo


The Ruler Riddim Luthan Fyah – “Rich”

Lutan Fyah - rich little


Yami Bolo – “Crucial Duets Vol.1 War”

Yami Bolo