Small format artworks sold by online auction

Yagor, "Limite"

After having organized last month an online auction of contemporary art works belonging to Guadeloupean private collectors, the Frère Independent association is tackling, from July 23 to 30, a new online auction dedicated to small format works.

1 Michèle Arretche 1
Michèle Arretche

About fifteen artists from the Caribbean, North America, Europe and Africa will participate in this artistic event in Guadeloupe.

Michèle Arretche is originally from France and, after practicing as a paediatrician in Martinique, in 2009 she decided to devote herself to painting and photography ; she puts three works on sale including “Aquarelle sous la Pluie” (21×21 cm) and “Clameurs” (ink and acrylic on paper, 19×15 cm).

Astrid Billy is a young Guadeloupean artist whose very colourful works are a mixture of figurative and abstract. Her paintings decorate the walls of the Arawak Hotel. The work on sale (acrylic on canvas) has a format of 25.5×20 cm.

Anne-Marie Cosgrove was born in Montreal, she has exhibited in Canada but also in several cities in the USA. The artist has already been awarded several times (Canada Council for the Arts Award or Ontario Arts Council Award). The six works (oil on canvas) presented at this auction each have the 19×16 cm format.

Yeswoo Dini (42 years old) is from Rennes in France and has been living in Guadeloupe since 2003. He was part of the 4KG collective of Basse-Terre and his works are on many walls on the island and elsewhere. He offers for this sale the original work that allowed him to win the competition L’Ordinaire 2015.

Ron Haywood Jones comes to us from New York, USA, his acrylic work has no name and its format is 31×40,05 cm.

Mboko Lagriffe or Pemeyeké Désiré Marie grew up in Douala (Cameroon). He has already exhibited in Senegal, France, Switzerland, USA and Guadeloupe. Having won the “Wings of African Art” contest in 2016, he was able to put his art on a Boeing of the Royal Air Maroc. The artwork (oil on canvas paper) participating in the auction is entitled “Love, à deux” with the dimensions 21×14.5 cm.

Valérie Noisette is a Haitian artist who lived in the USA for a long time. She dedicated herself entirely to painting after the earthquake of January 2010. She features at auction 3 digital drawings on paper called “Triptyque Baron Samedi” each with the size 22,7×22,7 cm.

Thomas Ruff is a famous German photographer, passionate about astronomy. In the 1980’s, he made the series “Stars” in black and white, he also uses images of the night sky to create his works of art. The one he offers for auction has a format of 67.5 x 45 cm.

Jan Saudek was born in Prague (Czech Republic) in 1935, he experienced captivity in a Nazi concentration camp. The works by this famous photographer are exhibited in places or on the occasion of prestigious events such as the Art Institute of Chicago, the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, the Venice Biennial etc. The artwork (vintage handcoloured/bromoil gelatin silver print) that takes part in this online auction is entitled “Jana’s Suicidal Tendencies” and has a format of 30×40 cm.

10 Rony Sidon 1
Rony Sidon

Rony Sidon whose real name is Rodrigue Sidon, is an artist from Basse-Terre who lives

in Southern Ireland after studying art in Fort-de-France and Toulouse ; his favourite medium is cardboard and he had the opportunity to show his work at the Pool Art Fair Guadeloupe in 2017. One of the two works he puts on sale has a format of 25.5×20 cm.

Mariyel Spears (Guadeloupe and France) proposes two works from the exhibition “Moi aussi j’Aime le Tiban” (2014) ; one (acrylic on paper) with the format 30×22 cm, the other (acrylic on canvas) with the same format.

Sadie Weis is an American artist who lives in Berlin, Germany and who received the Emerging Artist Grant at the SCOPE Art Show in 2007. The artwork participating in the auction (acrylic & multimedia on paper) is called “08h24m-35° from Stars” and has a format of 19 x 15 cm.

Yagor, whose real name is Romaric Igor Yao, is from Ivory Coast and he lives in France. A graduate of the École des Beaux-Arts in Luminy, his style is influenced by abstract, symbolism, realism, among others. The work on sale (acrylic on cardboard) is entitled “Limite”, its format is 30×40 cm.

Dale Yudelman is an artist photographer born in South Africa in 1958. The work participating in this auction is entitled “Cosatu-led protest Cape Town” and is from the Life Under Democraty series which won, in 2012, the Ernest Cole Award, the most prestigious prize in South Africa for social documentary photography. Its format: 42×42 cm.

Thierry Alet is the organizing artist of this auction. A native of Guadeloupe, he lived in New York and studied at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. The work (acrylic) he sells is part of the Portrait d’Ano series and has a size of 60×40 cm.

The vernissage will take place on Thursday, July 23 at 5:00 pm at Art Ruche. The launch of the online sale will start on the same day from 6:00 pm on the website From July 23 to 30, the works will be exhibited at the gallery-café at 6, Quai Layrle in Pointe-à-Pitre but an appointment will have to be made or on request in Paris.