Romeo Santos seduced Madison Square Garden with his poetry

Romeo Santos seduced with "golden verse" the audience by singing the most popular songs from his new album "Golden" that bears the same name as his tour. (Photo: Ernie Rodriguez)

“The King of Bachata”, the famous Dominican singer Romeo Santos was in concert from February 15 to 17 in the Madison Square Garden in New York. Our correspondent, Rosmery Martínez, was there and tells us this wonderful moment.

Romeo Santos 1

And so, with mischief and charisma, “The boy of poetry did it again”, and demonstrated in front of more than nineteen thousand people who gathered on Thursday night for the second night of his concert at the Madison Square Garden in New York, why he is called “The King of Bachata”.

His show without waste delighted from his newest fans to those “adventurers” who follow him since his beginnings.

This time, he seduced with “golden verse” the audience by singing the most popular songs from his new album “Golden” that bears the same name as his tour, but without forgetting the oldies that people like so much. During the three nights of sold out concerts, Romeo performed songs like “Odio”, “Eres mía”, “Centavito”, “La boda”, “Infieles”, “Soberbio”, “Propuesta indecente” and many more.

The singer-songwriter who, in the first part of the concert looked exquisite dressed in black leather trousers and a jacket of the same color with a cream tone, interacted with the audience at every moment and, between songs, he took this opportunity to clarify a few points as he is not with the illuminati, he is not gay and he is not afraid of heights.

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Twelve musicians with an impeccable and clear sound

This last denial follows a video that he posted on his Instagram account where he is seen coming down very carefully from the roof of a building during the filming of a video with the Puerto Rican singer Ozuna and many people said he is a coward.

He is really not afraid because he demonstrated it in the concert when he dared, while he was performing the song “Héroe favorito”, to rise with cables to a considerable height and later, at the end of the song, he crossed the stage by climbing on a pedestal.

A minimalist decor welcomed the twelve musicians who accompanied the artist and who played every note as it is heard on his albums, with an impeccable and clear sound.

In one of his interactions, Romeo swore that all the people who come up on the stage in each of his concerts do it spontaneously and nothing that happens with them is planned. And he wanted to show it by inviting a Dominican boy with whom, he explained, he is in contact through e-mails because he had a request to make and, after he went on stage he called his girlfriend who was there and, knelt down beside Romeo, he asked her to be his wife, very moved, the girl accepted.


Many surprises

Surprises were undoubtedly part of the moments of ecstasy in the concert. Wisin and Yandel appeared on stage and stole the show from “The King” with the song “Noche de sexo” .

Another key moment was the Puerto Rican Daddy Yankee with the song “Bella y sensual” that they both did with Nicky Jam, but instead of the latter a Dominican from the audience came on stage and received an ovation for his performance.

Each song was sung loudly by an audience who enjoyed the concert from beginning to end. “Hermanita”, “Imitadora”, “Llévame contigo”, “Amada mía”, “Tuyo” and “Su veneno”, among others, completed the wide repertoire.

The concert began at 9:14 pm and ended with the Puerto Rican singer Ozuna. Together, they received part of the most intensive applause with the song “Farsante” and they ended in the best way with the hit “Sobredosis de sexo” at 11:42pm.