Kariculture, the Caribbean cultural webmagazine, is 6 years old

September 14, 2016 – September 14, 2022 : 6 years ago, Kariculture was born. Despite all the obstacles that we had to overcome and that we are still overcoming our magazine is still present, our readership too.

Cultural events are gradually taking their place in the diaries, but Kariculture has been heavily penalized by the Covid-19 epidemic since culture, our raw material, has been stopped for two long years. However, we held on to the rudder not to sink and we continued to publish articles.

The Regional Council of Guadeloupe has paid exceptional subsidies to all media including those which claim to have suffered from a lack of advertising revenues during the 2020 lockdown.

Kariculture, a declared media, did not receive anything. We are not part of any party, any association, any Masonic lodge…

We thank all those who have helped us reach this 6th anniversary.