Johnny Ventura: “The Commission persisted in making us believe that its technicians are the best”

Famous Dominican singer, Johnny Ventura, is running for municipal election in his country. He participated in the TV programme “Lenis Opiniones”.

The candidate for mayor of the National District for Fuerza del Pueblo (Power of the People) (FP) party, Johnny Ventura, was the second guest of the special programs series in “Lenis Opinions” with the candidates for mayor of the District. In addition to highlighting his projects and workplan to be elected mayor, Ventura explained why he does not trust the Central Electoral Commission.

“The Commission persisted in making us believe that its technicians are the best and that they created software that surpasses all those who develop software in the world. Why? The Commission talks about modernity, we are going to the modern, but to be sure, they even encouraged people to have doubts, because they signed a resolution to do an audit of those teams and they never did it”, he explained.

In the interview, for the programme hosted by the political scientist, lawyer and communicator Lenis García, the singer also spoke about the wave of artists who emigrated to politics for years: “What does an artist have that does not allow him to be part of the solutions to his country’s problems? The artist is more sensitive than most human beings, it is scientifically proven, this means that such a sensitive person suffers more from bad actions that are done in politics. I tell people: Participate, regardless of your profession”, politics is dirty, and I tell them no, there are many dirty politicians”.

About her deputy mayor, communicator Hony Estrella, he said he has known her for a long time and he is very close to her since she is close to the Ventura. “Hony is a woman, first, intelligent, she is not a doll, she is an empowered woman, who wants to move from words to action and she is doing it, she is a woman with very deep social concerns, but also with very firm proposals”.

Ventura said that environmental problems are among his priorities, creating systems that reduce global warming and guaranteeing safer living spaces and for that he will use ideal trees for cities, and also dealing with traffic, garbage and recycling problems.

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