Joe Veras celebrated his musical career and fathers at the Hotel Jaragua

In a night full of successes, reunions and tributes, Maestro Joe Veras celebrated his career and Father’s Day at the Teatro la Fiesta of the Jaragua Hotel.

Evoking his 25-year career through an emotional video projected on the giant screens that adorned the minimalist decor, “El hombre de tu vida” began his show with the hits “La Pared”, “Se te nota”, and “Me decidí”, immediately raising the applause of an audience that was waiting for him.

But, the singer not only celebrated his career, he also took the opportunity to celebrate and pay tribute to the fathers present at the special evening. To do this, he was accompanied by Sergio Vargas, the first guest of the night, who performed “Mi querido viejo”. Along with the “Negrito de Villa”, Veras sang “El molde”, again attracting the applause of an audience that sang and danced all night long.

With guitar in hand Joe began the notes of “Acéptame como soy” and then continued with “Aferrado” and “El cuchicheo”, accompanied by Ruth La Cantante and Alex Matos then “Que se mueran de envidia”.

Another guest was Alexandra, from the late duo Monchy y Alexandra. The bachatera took over the stage during the song “No ha sido fácil”, and after this performance expressed: “I am very happy to be part of this celebration, taking music to the highest level”.

“Inténtalo tu”, along with Alexandra, “Yajaira”, “Chiquita mía”, “Antídoto”, and “Desde que me dejaste” completed to the rich repertoire.

Excited, happy and interacting with the audience, this is how Joe Veras remained throughout the concert, and, between songs, he took the opportunity to tell some anecdotes.

Henry Santos, who gained popularity as one of the members of Aventura, was another guest at the concert, which also included Luis Miguel del Amargue, who after being present that same night at Luis Segura’s concert in Santiago, made a great effort to accompany Veras.

Joe Veras 3

Tribute to Luis Segura

A special moment during the Joe Veras concert was undoubtedly the tribute that “El hombre de tu vida” made just at the time of the presentation of the show “Fin de la historia”, where the legendary bachatero, Luis Segura, officially retired from the stage at the Gran Arena del Cibao in Santiago.

“A round of applause for Luis Segura”, said Veras, while a saxophonist performed “Ya no me importa” and “Pena”, together with some dancers.

In the concert, which ended after 2:20 am, Joe also sang “Coje cuadre”, “Curames las heridas”, “En el amor”, “Luto en mi corazón”, among others.