Jessica Pereira: “To get to where I am, I’ve been through a lot of precariousness”


Jessica Pereira says, even if the visa problem is solved, she does not know if she would return to La Mega in the USA. The communicator said at this moment she is enjoying herself with her family.

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After not being able to renew the work visa in the United States to continue working in “The Vacilón de la Mañana” in La Mega, the communicator Jessica Pereira continues to develop her career in the Dominican Republic in local media. In an interview on the “Víctor en vivo” programme, she talked, among others, about her experience in radio in New York, and said that, although she left “El Vacilón” with the doors open to solve her work visa renewal problem, now she cannot give a answer on whether or not she will return to La Mega, because here she is enjoying herself with her family. “Honestly, if I give you an answer, I’m spitting up, but now, I think God has the reason for everything and this moment I had to spend it with my family. I brought my family and they were helpless here and I started. I left my house at the age of 14, they are many years away and I think I need to enjoy them”, explained the 35-year-old journalist.

At the moment, Pereira who arrived in the country 18 years ago for a work proposal, is part of the radio programme Alofoke Radio Show and on the television programme La Opción.

Although the communicator arrived in the country long before the crisis in her native Venezuela, in its beginnings in the Dominican Republic she passed the same vicissitudes like some of her compatriots. “To get to where I am I spent a lot of precariousness, including, I remember, here in La Sirena supermarket, I had nothing to eat and I opened a package of wholemeal crackers and ham and literally stole them, I ate it in the supermarket, I left and I did not pay, I did not even have a chele”, she explained when she was interviewed by Víctor Gómez Casanova in the programme broadcast from Monday to Friday by Teleradio América and the programme’s YouTube channel.

Jessica said that there are many people who cannot imagine what she had to go through to achieve the stability that she enjoys today. Sleeping on the floor, not having money to pay the rent or to eat, suffering and pain caused by two operations, one of them cost her the amputation of one of her breasts, the second a reconstruction of lips after an accident that disfigured her mouth.

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