Dioni Fernández filled Hard Rock Live with his concert “40th anniversary”

The popular musician and conductor raised the banner of dignity of good merengue before an audience that packed the establishment of fun.

Four decades serving merengue on a gold platter that has been established as a flag of dignity in Dominican musical culture, it is easy to say, but when Dioni Fernández’s contribution to the Creole rhythm is seen in retrospect, it is invaluable.

This earned him the respect and affection of an audience that gathered at the concert that took place on Friday evening, November 15 at Hard Rock Live to celebrate his 40 years in music.

An establishment totally full of an audience that did not stop dancing from the first song, of a rich and successful repertoire that had the voices of the most outstanding students of El Equipo: Sergio Vargas, Charlie Rodríguez, Diómedes Núñez, Pablito Martínez, Eddy Rafael and Kaki Vargas.

There was no free space, on the contrary, the organizers had to look for chairs to place those who remained standing.

Dioni Fernández and El Equipo recalled the golden age of their group and good merengue with which they featured outstanding performers, mentioned above, in the concert organized by Alberto Cruz (Pirincho) and whose artistic production was by Ériko Zapata.

The concert that had testimonies of its protagonists enveloped the atmosphere with emblematic songs: El Guardia del Arsenal, La Vecinita, Cuando me tocas, Al ritmo de la noche, Amo, Por retenerte, La Lloré y Pum Pum del amor, among others, that made the audience dance.

The merengue discharge had no waste. The Maestro Dioni Fernández looked happy to be reunited with the talent to which he opened the doors, and for more than 30 years he showed him that he was not mistaken, since each one of them marked his steps with quality.

Sergio Vargas, Charlie Rodríguez, Pablo Martínez, Kaky Vargas, Diómedes Núñez and Eddy Rafael organized a great party for Dioni Fernández. Among the attendees was the Vice President of the Republic, Margarita Cedeño de Fernández, who also went to celebrate the passage through music of the Maestro and dance his contagious merengue songs.

Dioni expressed gratitude to the crowd, his musicians and his guests for the support he received. The concert, which is supposed to reach other stages, ended after 3:00 am.