“Arts and Entertainment”: theme of the European Heritage Days

Kréol West Indies in Saint-François (Guadeloupe)

On September 21 and 22 will take place the 36th edition of the “European Heritage Days” (EHD) in the European Union so in France and all French Overseas territories including the Caribbean islands (Guadeloupe, Martinique, St Barthélemy…).

Maison de l'Art
Maison de l’Art in Basse-Terre (Guadeloupe)

In 2019, the theme of this great meeting will be “Arts and Entertainment”.

Kariculture.net publishes Franck Riester’s speech, the Minister of Culture ; the French Ministry for the Arts celebrates its 60 years of existence.

Kariculture.net publishes the complete programme of the various events scheduled in Guadeloupe with more than 50 proposals of places, activities for adults and children in the 22 towns that will participate in the EHD. It must be noted that only one event will be organized in the Northern Islands, St Barthélemy…

Kariculture.net also publishes the EHD programme in Martinique with more than 100 events. The opening night will be held on Friday, September 20 in the church hall in the town of Le Marin at 7:00 pm with the free urban dance show by the band “Zio B-Boyz”. The closing night will take place on Sunday, September 22 at 3:00 pm in St-Laurent church in Le Lamentin with a free concert (organ).

Écomusée de Martinique
Écomusée de Martinique in Rivière-Pilote (Martinique)

SPEECH BY FRANCK RIESTER (Minister of Culture)

Heritage is our pride, it is our roots, it is the witness of the genius of construction which for centuries has been expressing itself in our country. The tragic fire that struck Notre-Dame de Paris cruelly reminds us that every day we must protect it, maintain it, restore it, enhance it to finally pass it on.

I hope that the European Heritage Days to be even more this year a great moment of national communion, that every Frenchwoman, every Frenchman, every young person or every adult who will go into a cathedral, a castle, an ancient monument feels this emotion of these places steeped in history, our history.

If these days are an opportunity to discover or discover again the flagships of our most beautiful civilian, religious, military buildings, places of power… every year, they also place the emphasis on a new theme. On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Ministry for the Arts, I wanted the heritage of arts and entertainment to be particularly honoured during this 36th edition, as in most European countries that participate.

Ancient theatres and Roman amphitheatres, halls and theatres dedicated to theatre, opera, music, cinema, dance or circus arts…, festive practices (fun fairs, carnivals, processions, parades…), traditional games or places hosting physical practices (racecourses, swimming pools, stadiums and sports complexes…) it is an entire part of our heritage that will be revealed to the delight of visitors.

I wish you all very nice European Heritage Days.

GUADELOUPE – Programme Journées Européennes du Patrimoine 2019- Programme of the European Heritage Days 2019- Programa de los Dias Europeos del Patrimonio 2019

MARTINIQUE – Programme Journées Européennes du Patrimoine 2019- Programme of the European Heritage Days 2019- Programa de los Dias Europeos del Patrimonio 2019