Archie López presents “LUIS”, the risky ingenuity of adolescence

"Luis" by Archie López will be screened in the Dominican cinemas starting on Thursday, December 21

On Wednesday, December 13, Panamericana de Producciones and Producciones Coral presented to the press an exclusive screening of the film “Luis”, the work of the renowned Dominican director Archie López starring Alfonso Rodríguez and Axel Mansilla and produced by the director himself along with Desiree Reyes Peña.

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“Luis” will be screened in the Dominican cinemas starting on Thursday, December 21 of this year and tells the story of an unexpected dramatic episode between a police colonel and his good teenage son who live a chain of complex contradictions that complicate the natural consequences of a breach of the law.

Archie López, who achieved the most legendary blockbusters of the Dominican cinema with the comedies “Lotoman” and “Tubérculo Gourmet”, has with “Luis” his first experience as author and director of a drama.

The feature film was premiered as an opening film at this year’s Global Film Festival and, at the invitation of the Global Foundation, was premiered in the prestigious room of the Film Society at the Lincoln Center in New York. Later on, he had his Market Premiere at the Festival de Cannes with the Habanero Films sales agency.

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Talented aspiring actors

“Luis” was invited out of competition to various international festivals, such as the Huelva International Film Festival, the NY HBO Latino Film Festival, the Santander International Film Festival in Colombia and the New Latin American Film Festival of Havana.

In addition to Alfonso and Axel in the main roles, “Luis” highlights the performances of young beginners Sergio Echenique and former singer of La Pandilla Alex Rodríguez (Joujares), as well as Nanssie Santelises and Dalisa Alegría. The film also has the special participation of the renowned Cuquín Victoria, Miguel Céspedes, Reymond Pozo, Cheddy García, Luis Manuel Aguiló, Claudio Rivera, Irving Alberti and Gerard Ogando.

After the screening at the Blue Mall Cinema Palace in Santo Domingo, a lively discussion was held between prominent members of the press and special guests, who had the opportunity to share with the director and some of the cast and the crew that worked on the making of the film.

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