A successful European tour for Lírico

The Nagua-born artist is currently enjoying the expansion of his artistic career nationally and internationally.

Lírico 3

Lírico en la Casa, Dominican urban singer continues to reign with his talent during a successful tour in various countries and cities of the European continent, bringing to the public his musical repertoire that has become the most important hits of the genre, through quality musical lyrics and mixes that motivate more than one to dance.

Summer in Europe is now more fun, because from June 12 to August 17, the singer of the popular song “Marianela”, has conquered nightclubs and nightlife centers in locations in Spain (Barcelona, Galicia, Villava, Tenerife, Mallorca), Italy (Bologna, Milan, Naples), as well as in Holland and France.

“I feel very happy and grateful because for me it is more than a pride to be Dominican and represent the Dominican Republic around the world, especially in the European continent. I am exploring new waters, and very soon we will go to South and Central America, with the purpose of carrying high the Dominican flag and our Dembow movement”, said the renowned urban artist.

The artist who left Nagua one day with many dreams to fulfill currently enjoys success and international recognition, after positioning musical tracks such as “Brum Brum Brum”, “Súbete”, “Tráemela por saco”, “El Motorcito”, “Marianela”, “Muévelo”, among others, which have brought him fame in the art industry by being a favorite among the taste of audiences of different generations, in addition to having a high valuation in the main digital music platforms.

Discipline and perseverance have been the keys to achieve the expansion of his artistic career nationally and internationally, which since his beginnings has been under the responsibility of his artistic manager Talala Récords. Since 2015, committed to quality Lírico has kept working on the development of his musical career.

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