Warren pays tribute to Patrick Saint-Éloi with the cover of “H2o”

On September 18, 2010, Patrick Saint-Éloi died of a long illness. Guadeloupe lost one of its greatest cultural ambassadors, the one who invented Zouk Love, the one who sang love in Creole to women, especially Guadeloupean women who were until then rather denigrated in many songs performed by men…

Every year, a tribute is paid to the King of Zouk Love by his fans but this time this anniversary went almost unnoticed. Indeed, the archipelago woke up from a confined night not because of Covid-19 but because of the tropical storm Fiona which killed one person, affected thousands of people and caused major damage.

Warren 2

However, one of Patrick Saint-Eloi’s admirers and worthy successors remembered him. This is Warren : “Patrick, I pay you this tribute to prove that my love for you will remain eternal. You were the first of the GREAT ones to reach out to me and Fanny J, young Guyanese coming from nowhere. You sealed this affection by inviting us to your last tribute concert, in the town of Le Moule in Guadeloupe. You then showed the whole world that you were alive. Today, 12 years since you left us, look at how IMMORTAL you are”.

Guyanese singer chose the date of September 18 to release his cover of “H2O”, a hit by Patrick Saint-Éloi released in 2007. This version proposed by Warren is very swaying. Patrick Saint-Éloi would certainly have liked it as the fans of Guyanese artist and Guadeloupean artist like it according to the comments left on Warren’s YouTube channel. The new “H2O” was arranged and mixed by Alban Sturaro, Aymerick Lubin and Wilson Silva. As for the video, it was directed by MS Filmz. This is the 5th single from Warren’s double album Back To Basics 1980, released last February and May.