Ralph Beaubrun: from Boukman Eksperyans in Haiti to Paris

After “J’en ai besoin” (a song where he cries out for love) and “J’peux pas oublier” (a track with tropical sounds dedicated to his native island, Haiti), Ralph Beaubrun presents “Perte de temps”, a trap/r’n’b sound about the end of a love story. The artist, who sings in French, English and Creole, won the heart of many fans in France. But who is Ralph Beaubrun?

Ralph Beaubrun, who comes from Haiti, grew up in a family where art (theatre, cinema, music and dance) has an important place. Very early on, he chose music to express himself, and even developed this famous musical ear coupled with an impressive auditory memory. He was immersed in traditional Haitian music (root or rasin music) within the family group Boukman Eksperyans and in international pop music with American stars of the 80s such as Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Prince and the Caribbean reggae king Bob Marley.

As a teenager, he joined Boukman Eksperyans, the groundbreaking group that marked Haitian music history ; he recorded backing vocals for more than 15 songs and even co-produced one track. He was present as a dancer and chorister when the group toured the United States and Canada, where it took part in several legendary festivals, including Red Rocks, which was released as a live album. Ralph discovered himself on stage.

Studies in mathematical engineering

He discovered the work of the renowned songwriter and producer Max Martin, the author of the greatest pop hits of the years 1990-2000, and became aware of his own musical talent and especially his gift for melodies, whether they are pop, r’nb or more traditional… but always groovy!

Between 2001 and 2007, while pursuing his studies in mathematical engineering in Bordeaux and a professional career in the field, dance and music will never stop accompanying him. He joined the Haitian association “Lakay” in Bordeaux and became its professional choreographer. He will met two exceptional artists, with whom he will evolve and collaborate on different projects : Franck-Alcide Kacou, at the time known as rapper Black Kent (signed under the label Kmaro) and today general manager of Universal Music Africa, and rapper Sifoor Obosso, known today with his latest track “20 minutes”. This new experience as a rhythmic designer in a more rap and hip-hop world enriched Ralph Beaubrun’s career.

A career as a dancer-choreographer and chorister

In 2008, he moved to Paris to fully live his passion for singing, music and dance. In 2012, he became one of the official dancers of singer Tal, whom he accompanied for 7 years on 4 albums. With French-Isreali singer, he toured with more than a hundred dates for the album À l’Infini, which became platinum disc in 2013. On this album, Ralph Beaubrun co-wrote the track “Une autre personne feat Little Mix”. In 2016, he also participated on the eponymous album TAL as co-author/composer of hits such as “Are we awake”, “Le temps qu’il faut”, “Des fleurs et des flammes”, “DAOW”

Previously in 2015, he became the teacher-choreographer of various Parisian dance schools such as Lax Studio, Studio Harmonic etc. In addition, the Haitian artist accompanied Dadju on stage as a chorister and dancer in the TV shows La Fête de la Musique, La Chanson de l’Année, NRJ Music Awards 2020.

Last year during lockdown due to the global Covid-19 pandemic, Ralph Beaubrun decided to launch his new solo singer project with “J’en ai besoin”, co-composed by Tal and Jordan Houyez (“Tchop” and “Sentiments grandissants” for singer Aya Nakamura) and then “J’peux pas oublier”, two tracks that were well received by the public at the beginning of 2021. He undoubtedly hopes that his third track “Perte de temps” will also be a success.