Lenlen Year: A beautiful tribute to Aimée Adeline is planned

Tomorrow, Sunday, December 19, the association Nou A Yo and its partners will honor the great lady of Guadeloupean culture that was Aimée Adeline nicknamed “Man Adlin” as part of “The Year Lenlen” which ends on December 31, 2021.


The association Nou a Yo launched “The Year of Lenlen” to “try to demonstrate that every man has a history because all too often we look at the visual aspect”. Throughout this year 2021, it was for its members to help and pay tribute to the former Ka Master Jocelyn Hubbel, nicknamed “Lenlen”, who worked a lot for Gwoka music and even invented the “Takout” rhythm in the 1970s.

On October 30, about thirty tanbouyé accepted the association’s invitation to celebrate the 67th birthday of this great musician who has been forgotten. The event, which took place behind the Centre des Arts et de la Culture in Pointe-à-Pitre between 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm was a great success and, due to the safety instructions to stop the Covid-19 epidemic, it was broadcast live on Facebook.

Two years ago, on the Place de la Victoire in Pointe-à-Pitre, Nou a Yo had celebrated the birthday of another Ka Master, Marcel Lollia nicknamed “Vélo” (December 7, 1931 – June 5, 1984) ,in the presence of his son Patrick Lollia and his close friends.

Gwoka as a link

This year, these activists of Guadeloupean culture – Dominique Panol, Louis Adeline, Joel Jacota, Sandra Bardochant, Jean-Charles Auguste Matthieu, Lydjie Adeline, Patrick Jean-Marie, Alain Thétis, Huguette Blaze, Ketty Blaze, Camille Lother, Maurice Viviès, Robert Thimodent, Jacqueline Badof, Francette Loudac, Mrs Belrain-Cadenet and Mrs Cadenet etc. – decided to make their contribution to the celebration of the 90th birthday of the late musician but also of the birthday of Aimée Adeline nicknamed “Man Adlin” (December 9, 1907 – August 15, 1977) who would have been 114 years old if she had not left this world.

Because a link unites these three personalities: Gwoka, music and dance. They made known and travelled gwoka at a time when it was very much criticized because it was considered as a music for “bad Negroes”. Indeed, Jocelyn Hubbel “Lenlen” and Marcel Lollia “Vélo” played ka drum in Aimée Adeline’s famous dance troupe called La Brisquante.

A Mass at 9:00 am in St-Pierre and St-Paul

This Sunday, December 19, 2021, Nou A yo and all its partners intend to pay a beautiful tribute to Aimée Adeline. The day will begin at 9:00 am with a mass in memory of this great lady in the church of Saint-Pierre and Saint-Paul in Pointe-à-Pitre and then the festivities will continue on the Place de la Victoire from 10:30 am.

Remember that on February 25, 2020, the association had already organized an event on the Place de la Victoire for two great personalities of Guadeloupean culture : Aimée Adeline and Marcel Mavounzy (first music producer of the archipelago). Unfortunately, if some members of “Man Adlin’s” family were present (in particular his son Louis and his granddaughter Lydgie), the public and even certain participants were absent from this moment of communion… The date was perhaps badly chosen since it was a Mardi Gras and carnival and the International Cycling Tour of Guadeloupe are the two most popular events in the archipelago…

In any case, preparations for this day of remembrance as part of “The Lenlen Year” are going well. On December 14, several participants met for the last time to make this event a great success.