“Qu’est-ce que l’amour?” asks singer Warren

Singer Aymerick Lubin, better known as Warren, from Saint-Laurent du Maroni in Guiana is back. Indeed, one of the best ambassadors of zouk music – who has collaborated with many Martinican, Guadeloupean, Guyanese among others artists during his career (Ali Angel, Fanny J., Perle Lama, Nickenson Prudhomme, Jocelyne Labylle, Joyce etc.) – has released last December 17 the track “Qu’est-ce que l’amour?” (What is love?) ; this song was born with the collaboration of Thierry Delanay. This is the first single from Warren’s double album, 1980 Back to Basics.

The song “Qu’est-ce que l’amour?” is accompanied by its video directed by Purple Street.

On his Youtube channel, the 41-year-old artist wrote : “A love story, when it starts, is lived on the mode of magic and enchantment. We would like to believe that it is always unique and mysterious. However, if you look closely, love, like most feelings, also has its own laws. 9 years have passed between Musikotherapy and Back to Basics 1980. I’m still an autobiographical writer, I have to live things in order to channel my different outlets, my music. Back to Basics is a real double synthesis (double album) of a certain return to the base, return to myself and a return to my home in Guiana. After 24 years of living in France, I return to the country, in my native town Saint-Laurent du Maroni. Between love, happiness, disappointment, new meeting, new life, I live and here is the first extract of this life…”

This double album will be available in two stages : the first will be on February 11, 2022 and the second between March and May 2022 and will be with a digipack including both sides.