Only one week left to see the exhibitions “Numeris Clausus” and “J-Expose”

Philibert Yrius: "Les complexées de l'humanité"

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These two exhibitions Numeris Clausus (physical) and J-Expose (online) which were scheduled from January 15 to March 10, 2021 by the Fondation Clément in Martinique were therefore extended until April 11. Visitors will have had the opportunity to admire the works by these painters, visual artists, photographers, draftsmen and sculptors from Guadeloupe for another month.

In short, as part of the in situ collective exhibition Numeris Clausus, several free creative or recreational activities have been organised since March 17 and will continue until April 9. These include, among others: “The (re)creative Wednesdays” where the public was inspired by Catherine Seznec’s work to create a work of art using sewing materials ; “The little visits” reserved for children aged 3 to 10 years ; “The family workshops” where the public is invited to take inspiration from an artist’s work (Rony Sidon, Steeve Vérin, the Bonnet sisters, François Piquet, Romain Ganer, Chantaléa Commin, Philibert Yrius) to create their own work through drawing, painting, photography, writing, collage etc.

Recall that this collective exhibition Numeris Clausus led the 22 participating artists – Thierry Alet, Chantaléa Commin, Alain Lacki, Féline Line Lucol, Antoine Nabajoth, François Piquet, Ruddy Marc Roquelaure, Jimmy Sabas alias Mash, Jérôme Sainte-Luce, Catherine Seznec, Rony Sidon, Amandine Uger, Philibert Yrius, Goodÿ, Jean-Marc Boudine, Steeve Vérin, Pauline and Mathilde Bonnet, Valéry Gabon, Romain Ganer, Carla Bernhardt, Charles Chulem-Rousseau – to express themselves on the subject of lockdown around 3 themes : the trace, the drawing and the social mask. This exhibition is completed by works by the artists’ children.

As for the digital exhibition J-Expose, it brings together 27 artists : Astrid Billy, Laurence Roussas, Patricia Lollia, Yves Bercion, D. Luidgi, Mister Co, Stéphane Alunno, Léa Bourgeois, Francis Eck, Jacky Poulier, GGpikS, Élie Babel, Ylda Decrop, Ébel, Nadine Brune R, Thierry Faider, Kitsimi, Jérémie Paul, Djafri, Etienne Roussas, Denis Ninine, Philippe Virapin, Samuel Mazaniello-Chézol, Antonwè, Créations Horagai, Eyone, Ében Kela.

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Digital exhibition J-Expose