New Year’s Eve “cannon-shot” marks a before and after at Jaragua

A great New Year’s Eve celebration was experienced by the audience at the Jaragua’s Salón La Fiesta with the New Year’s Eve cannon shot this Saturday, December 31, marking a before and after in shows of this type.

The event, presented by Alberto Cruz Management, under the patronage of the Ministry of Tourism and Banreservas, featured majestic performances by seven merengue, bachata and salsa artists.

Diva Miriam Cruz was responsible for kicking off the party when the clock struck 11:40 pm and the new year was welcomed to the rhythm of “Juana La Cubana”. Luis Miguel Del Amargue brought the bachatera touch to the party, while the audience sang effervescently his popular track “No Notas”.

Chiquito Team Band honored the downloading of salsa with songs such as “La Llamada de mi Ex”, “Punto y aparte”, “Homenaje a Joe Arroyo” and “Si Quieres”, the latter song being considered the salsa of the year.

Fiesta del Jaragua 11
Merengue of Merengue, Miriam Cruz

Toño Rosario set the audience on fire with his more than fifteen songs, all of which have become hits, leaving the floor at the highest level to welcome the “Ruiseñor de la sierra” (Mountain nightingale), Alex Bueno. With his extraordinary voice, his long repertoire and indisputable charisma, he was committed to presenting an unforgettable show for all those present.

Jandy Ventura El Legado also paraded on the festive stage to bid farewell to 2022 and welcome 2023, offering a tour of the greatest hits by “Caballo Mayor Johnny Ventura”, turning the venue into a true celebration of joy.

A few minutes before 7:00 am, Omega appeared on stage for the grand finale of this celebration, performing the songs that have kept him in people’s taste, demonstrating once again that he is the greatest exponent of urban merengue.