“Marché d’art” at the Fondation Clément awaits you until July 25

There are only a few days left to see this major group exhibition at the Fondation Clément in Le François (Martinique). Running from April 21 to July 25, 2023, the “Marché d’art” (Art Market) features works by 38 artists from Martinique, Guadeloupe and elsewhere, which you can also purchase.

The exhibition is open daily from 9:00 am to 6:30 pm, and admission is free.

The exhibiting artists are : Alain Aumis, Christian Bertin, Julie Bessard, Ernest Breleur, Claude Cauquil, Mickaël Caruge, Hector Charpentier, Chantal Charron, May Clémenté, Patricia Donatien, Alain Dumbardon, Ronald Cyrille, Hébert Edau, Fred Eucharis, Marie Gauthier, Samuel Gelas, Goodÿ, Henri Guédon, Habdaphaï, Hamid, Jean-Marc Hunt, Valérie John, Alain Joséphine, Stonko Lewest, René Louise, Robert Manscour, Maure, Raymond Médélice, Christophe Mert, Mounia Orosemane, Antoine Nabajoth, Ricardo Ozier-Lafontaine, Martine Porry, Richard-Viktor Sainsily Cayol, Luz Severino, Karine Taïlamé, Laurent Valère, Dora Vital.

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