Kariculture.net wishes you a happy and successful new year 2022!

Our wish to see the Covid-19 pandemic ended did not come true, as we all hoped.

Over the past few months, we have experienced “waves” of variants that have continued to ravage the world. To date, it is estimated that more than 5 million people have died from this terrible coronavirus, but according to some studies carried out by international bodies, researchers and media, the number of victims is more than 17 million.

Our region continues to pay a large price for Covid-19. In fact, according to Reuters agency’s figures, 22,601 people have died so far. We have all lost a loved one, a neighbor, an acquaintance, we have also lost artists, some of whom represented us throughout the world.

Culture, an important source of foreign currency for many of our territories, has been totally devastated. Many tourist offices have totally removed from their websites the section concerning cultural events. In some islands, shows, concerts, exhibitions and others are starting to be organized for vaccinated people, the non-vaccinated have to be satisfied with online events and forget human warmth…

The horrors of Covid-19 are still there but the Caribbean cultural magazine, Kariculture.net, wishes all its readers a happy and successful new year 2022.