Kariculture.net celebrates its 5th anniversary in a rather gloomy cultural climate

The first online magazine, Kariculture.net, which propose to cover the cultural news of the Caribbean islands celebrates its 5th anniversary on September 14, 2021.

Nothing has been easy and nothing is easy yet for the new media that is Kariculture.net because our magazine has just arrived in a Guadeloupean media landscape made up of traditional media already occupying the advertising market.

In addition, the scarcity of cultural events due to the Covid-19 pandemic affecting all the Caribbean islands has forced some websites presenting only agendas (especially in Martinique) to stop their activities. It is a hard blow for culture and the development of online media that helps to make our Caribbean region shine throughout the world.

Despite the cancellation of a large number of carnivals, festivals of all kinds, concerts, culinary fairs, among others, Kariculture.net strives to publish every month – even with a little delay – its calendar of events in the Caribbean. Our cultural agenda is one of the ten sections of our magazine and we continue to publish articles because the heart of the artistic world is still beating even if it is weakened by disease…

Man cannot live without culture however no one knows what tomorrow will bring. The quarrels between doctors and scientists about this coronavirus and its ever-increasing variants, as well as about vaccines, unfortunately give us the certainty.

The cultural sector is heavily penalised, certain professions, particularly in the event industry, have been at a standstill for 18 months : should they continue to fight for their survival or should they accept to disappear? Quite a dilemma.

Moreover, during this pandemic, we are seeing artists or personalities who have worked for culture die and our world is turned upside down…