Cristian Allexis fills the radio and digital platforms with his “Constelación de lunares”

Clinging to good lyrics, Cristian Allexis continues to fill his portfolio with good songs for his audience. This time, he adds to the list the single “Constelación de lunares”, a rich fusón sprinkled with flamenco, which invites you to dance.

This piece did not come alone, it was accompanied by a video created by CastleFilms, where Cristian with his full band, sings love and pays tribute to women. The video is available on YouTube.

Written by the singer himself and with production and arrangements by Anibal Coronado, “Constelación de lunares”, comes to please this audience eager for good lyrics.

“With this song I wanted to honor this woman who feels free to make decisions; a woman who values herself, who makes others value her and who does not stay where she is not happy. This is a song that represents a lot women of today, who have surpassed their own expectations and who do not have the limitations of previous times; that’s why we have fused flamenco and fusón, since flamenco is that strong part, with character, but at the same time, sensual and expressive that merges with fusón, which represents the freedom and joy that women of today experience”, said Allexis.

He also stressed that “it’s a song on which we can all dance, but also on which women can identify themselves with the message”.

For this year that is ending, the songwriter does not only have this new song to offer, he is also preparing other projects for next December.

Cristian Alexis 2