Liondy Ozoria, Manolo Ozuna and El Nagüero shone on stage

3 para reír 1

Humorists Manolo Ozuna and El Nagüero as well as ventriloquist Liondy Ozoria, delighted the large audience who Saturday night attended at Escenario 360 (Santo Domingo) the humor show “3 para reír” (3 to laugh), where each one showed off his act.

The first to come on stage was El Nagüero. He made the audience laugh by telling the difference between an engaged couple and a married couple.

Then, the laughter did not stop when Manolo Ozuna came on stage with his anecdotes and jokes that ranged from marital conflicts to his difficult childhood.

3 para reír 2

The closing was Ozoria who showed on stage that, although his strength is his dolls, his talent is not limited to them. The ventriloquist used two volunteers from the audience instead of his dolls, an idea that the audience enjoyed from start to finish. At the end, with the star of the show, his puppet Ñeñeco who has been with him for 20 years and one of his new characters called “Shikishá”, he made the audience roar with laughter.

The opening was in charge of Miguel de la Cruz, a guest comedian who also distinguished himself on the Galería 360 stage.

3 para reír 3