Global Models Academy holds its first Global Summer Fashion Show

Last Sunday, June 26, Global Models Academy held its first summer fashion show at the Bolivar Plaza event hall, under the name of Global Summer Fashion Show, where prestigious fashion designers and models came together to create an event that embraces summer and inclusion.

Global Summer Fashion Show 1

The event was hosted by the renowned mistress of ceremonies, actress and model, Alma Ramirez, who was in charge of giving life with her charming voice to each catwalk. Actor, communicator and model Juan Miguel Matos (J.Fox), was responsible for starting with a prayer thanking God almighty for this beautiful evening and for those present.

The Global Summer Fashion Show began with a grand opening by masters Omar Coronado and Yessica Ramos, where the models wore neon-colored clothes giving life to the catwalk.

In this majestic event, was the guest agency Curve Models Academy who exhibited a collection of Hilda Plus boutique and did us the honor of opening this show full of glamor, followed by the designers who rewarded us with their prestigious clothes such as Sócrates Cabral, Lilian Hinojosa, Dorville Confección, Natanel Pichardo, Yessica Quiñones, Ivan Báez-Arte Estudio XXVII, Zona de Playa, Outfit libre by GMA and for the great closing the designer Jean Carlos Rincón from Cotui concluded in magnificent style with his great collection.

Global Summer Fashion Show 2

This stage was witness of the presentation of the sashes for the Miss intercontinental Suprime contest, contest that held in Panama from July 5 to 10, where the Miss category was represented by Ambar Nova, the Teen category by Rudilenny Lorenzo and the Teen Isla Saona category by Melanie Perez.

Derina Hernandez and Lisaris Martinez, Miss Petit of Santo Domingo RD Models were responsible for placing the sashes.

The makeup was made by professionals Ricardo de León, Yuiliany Makeup Studio and Wiss Makeup, the photographs were also taken by great professionals in the area such as Santana Photograph, NK Capture and international photographer Ruggero Longari.

Personalities such as Special Olympics executive director Elva Nicasio, Claudia Sarante, Director of ADN Community Development, Omar Sanchez Mister Teen, Lisairis Martinez Miss Petit of Santo Domingo RD Models among others were among the prestigious guests who gathered that afternoon along with the media that covered the event.

Global Summer Fashion Show 3

Global Models Academy in the person of its CEO Evelyn Bautista thanked its sponsors, All Project Group in the person of its manager Luciano Raso, La Mochila Cowork in the person of Julian Pages, Rondon Music En Contacto con Alma TV program and Fox Group Enterprise, advertising image and public relations, for being that great support for all those who dare to dream and especially to make that dream a reality.

She also thanked the amazing work team that was her right-hand in the whole process of the event, manager Julian Caribe, coach’s Omar Coronado and Yessica Ramos, administrative assistant Martha Sanchez and public relations J.Fox.

Global Summer Fashion Show 5

About Global Models Academy

It is a bilingual and inclusive modeling agency and school, with a solid quality and image, showing high standards of ethics, effectiveness and efficiency.

Its purpose is to train righteous and self-confident people capable of promoting a new approach in their lifestyle by focusing ethical and moral principles.

Global Summer Fashion Show 6- Evelyne Bautista, Omar Coronado & Yessica Ramos
Evelyn Bautista, Omar Coronado & Yessica Ramos