#SinSalir is the first work by the Dominican writer and producer Beto Cruz

Dominican writer, producer and screenwriter Beto Cruz, based in New York, published his first literary work entitled #SinSalir. He also wrote the script, for the big screen, for the long-awaited story of Fefita la Grande.

The official launch took place through a meeting on the Zoom platform, moderated by Angie Abreu from Dominican Writers Asoc. where Cruz explained that this collection of more than fifty poetic notes was written over the past twelve years. In addition, in “#SinSalir”, he creates a totally interactive concept, containing QR codes, which through electronic devices allow readers to access videos in which the author explains situations, recreates scenarios and tells the motivations that inspired his stories.

Beto said he used the time of the pandemic as a motivation to group together his writings, an event that was related to the birth of his first daughter Adilé. “Although it was a difficult year for all of us, I was blessed with the birth of my twins, my first-born Adilé, and my first published work #SinSalir, I am happy to share good news in these difficult times”, he said.

The producer, a native of Santiago, developed his artistic skills in the city of Puerto Plata, he is a broadcaster, producer, writer and screenwriter. In 2000, he won the First National Song Contest on AIDS. During his career he led important projects such as the radio program “En Amor Arte”. He was the producer and co-writer of the short film “La EntreViú”, winner of important international awards.

Recently he wrote the script for the big screen, for the long-awaited story of Fefita la Grande, also known as “La Gran Soberana” (The Great Sovereign), who was the surprise of the night in the virtual meeting after interacting through a call to wish successes to whom she shared her stories to bring them to film together with Dominican producer and actor Antonio Rubio and 2R Productions.

Beto added that due to the current circumstances it was not possible to make a release as these cases deserve. However, he said he has events planned, both in the Big City and in his country, the Dominican Republic. The work can be purchased on his website www.betocrz.com and on digital sales platforms.

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