Dominican Dee Espinal continues to progress as a DJ in the U.S.

Dee Espinal, started in the entertainment world performing comedy sketches with a group that stood out through digital platforms called “ThatsDominican”. Today, this Dominican who grew up in the Bronx, New York, continues to represent his land, but through music as a DJ.

Daurin Espinal, his given name, is one of Miami’s most prominent DJs and party hosts and takes his mixes not only throughout the United States, but also Latin America.

“Many people remember me because of the comedy project “ThatsDominican”, which revolutionized the world of comedy through social networks and other digital platforms, but, although I love that facet, my real passion has always been music and I am very happy to be able to burn my steps and now be able to live from what I love”, explained Dee.

Dee Espinal presents a versatile performance where he combines his two talents : humor and mixing music. That’s why his shows have managed to seduce the public that comes out to have fun and disconnect from routine.

From December 18, he will be in the Dominican Republic, while his next performances will be Florida (Brasas Naples, Gozambar Orlando, Euphoria Orlando), New York (Brooklyn Lounge Charlotte, Dubai Charlotte) and Georgia (Atlanta).

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