“Stand Viejos” presents its latest performance

The show will be this Friday, November 22 at 9:00 pm at Hard Rock Live.

The five successful performances that had “Stand Viejos” turned this humour show into the more outstanding of this year. Jochy Santos, Cuquín Victoria and Felipe Polanco Boruga reinvented their humour sketches and provided a fresh and new repertoire to the audience that will be able to relive the experience or see it for the first time, this next November 22 at 9:00 pm at Hard Rock Live.

On this occasion, for their last show of the year, they will have as special guests Manolo Ozuna and Liondy Ozoria, two comedians who stood out among the comedians of their generation. Prior to them, the trio Juan Carlos Pichardo, Irving Alberti and Jefferson Reina were with them.

“We are pleased to close the year with this sixth show that confirms the good work that did everyone involved in “Stand Viejos”. First of all, I would like to thank the audience that valued the quality of the talents and then the whole team that was with me to make it happen”, said producer Ramses Peralta.

Each of the shows was presented fully booked in the different stages where it was organized.

Tickets are sold in Uepa Tickets, CCN, Nacional Super Markets, Jumbo and Hard Rock Live ticket office at the price of RD$ 1,650 General, RD$ 2,200 VIP and RD $2,800 Special Guest.