Vanessa Fanfan, Michaël Benjamin Mikaben’s wife, is organizing a fundraiser

The widow of Haitian singer and musician, Mikaben, chose the gofundme platform to make this funding request. “Mika’s Legacy” is the name of this fundraiser which is illustrated by a family photo where we see Mikaben and his wife Vanessa as well as their two children, Gabi and Léia, all smiling.

Vanessa Fanfan first thanked all those who have shown love and support to the family of her late husband, including his two children and the unborn baby and indicated what the money will be used for.

“On October 16th, we all experienced the untimely and tragic passing of our beloved Michael Benjamin, professionally known as Mikaben, many supporters have reached out wanting to give and contribute to the lives and future of his wife and three children.

He has always been known as the man of the people, and we couldn’t be more grateful to have so much love and support at this time (…)

Mika has touched so many lives and brought happiness across the globe. He will forever be remembered and loved. These funds will be designated and allocated towards Mika’s 3 children’s college fund and his nonprofit foundation Ti-Souf”, we can read on the online fundraising website.

The artist’s fans responded to this call and more than 86 000 dollars had already been collected 24 hours after it was put online. Some have not hesitated to donate 500, 900, 1,000, 1,500 or 2,000 dollars but you can contribute from 1 US dollar by clicking on this link
We still do not know officially known where Michaël Benjamin aka Mikaben will be buried but some believe that it will be in Florida (United States), the artist resided in Tampa…