Theatre, singing and music at the opening of “Une Vie en Chansons”

On Friday April 6, at 7:00 pm, Moune de Rivel’s fans, biguine lovers and defensors of cultural heritage had a meeting at the Pavillon de la Ville where took place the opening of the photographic exhibition “Une vie en chansons” dedicated to the artist’s life as part of the centenary of her birth (1918-2018).

Vernissage Exposition Moune de Rivel 15

The audience attended a mini play called “Éclats de Lecture” (Pieces of reading) inspired by several passages of the latest book “Coeurs Biguine” written by the singer Winny Kaona, Moune de Rivel’s spiritual daughter. The direction of this short play was very original because the actors occupied the whole space of the exhibition and mingled with the members of the audience. The five actors were : Krismy (student in Sony Rupaire High School in Sainte-Rose), Joshua (student in Jardin d’Essai High School in Les Abymes), Saïna Théophile (who learns to sing with Xénia Caraïbe at Sonis Cultural Centre in Les Abymes), singer Xénia Caraïbe who starred as Moune de Rivel and Winny Kaona who played the role of herself. Winny Kaona who orchestrated this opening night also directed “Éclats de Lecture”. It should to be noted that the Creole dress worn by Winny Kaona, that night, belonged to Moune de Rivel. Another dress of the famous ambassador of biguine around the world is exhibited with the photos.

Then, Winny Kaona, the president of the Association pour le Développement de la Musique Traditionnelle-ADMT (Association for the development of traditional music) expressed her thanks and gave a present to people who like and defend biguine as well as the local collectivities and the private companies which participate in the organization of the various events of this centenary.

In addition to theatre, the Creole singing and biguine music celebrated the opening of the exhibition “Une vie en chansons” (A life in songs) that the public will able to visit until April 13 at the “Pavillon de la Ville” then, in other towns of Guadeloupe.