“Olala” is T-Stone’s last song

The young singer T-Stone whose real name is Stephan Phobere released, last November, “Olala”.

T-Stone 1

In this new song, “Olala”, Guadeloupean singer, who will turn 23 next November, declares his undyind love to a young girl, apparently not like other, on urban music with sounds reminiscent of Africa. With this new composition, T-Stone, who has many followers on the social networks, wants to show a new facet of his artistic abilities.

Despite his young age, the artist who spent his childhood in the town of Le Gosier has been moving in music for six years. Indeed, in 2013 he started his career in the underground world and published on Youtube his first composition that was well received by the audience. At that time, he was a fan of Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Patrick Saint-Éloi, Gilles Floro and Kalash… The following year, T-Stone signed his first contract with the production company called Sérénités Events which had among its artists Anthony Drew and Lycinais Jean, considered the new generation of zouk music. But in 2015, T-Stone left this producer because he wanted to change his musical style and, that same year, he decided to work with the brothers Anzala (Sébastien and Meddy) from Play Studio. Two years later, he was nominated for Hit Lokal Awards in Paris for his collaboration with Naiky on the song “Don’t Stop”.

T-Stone asks the audience to stay tuned because he has not finished to surprise it…