Johane Matignon, Miss Guadeloupe 2017, entered the music industry with “Don’t Go”

Johane Matignon, artist name: Johane

At the age of 22, the artist released her first single three months ago.

Johane Matignon 2
Photo: Video clip screenshot

“(…) A tasty mix of Caribbean, pop and Latin music” is how the track “Don’t Go”, performed by the singer Johane, is presented. This beautiful young woman who is a new artist is not unknown to many because she was first Miss Saint-François 2015-2016 then Miss Guadeloupe 2017 and she proudly represented our archipelago in the Miss France 2018 election, broadcast on the first French channel, TF1, in front of more than 7.3 million viewers. Moreover, the Guadeloupean was one of the favourite candidates among Internet users, with more than 26,000 tweets, and elegance according to her was embodied by Michelle Obama…

Four years after this great adventure, now 22 years old, Johane Matignon decided to conquer the hearts of the French with her very first single. The music was composed by Staniski, the lyrics were written by Johane and Mike Saint-Auret who also shot the music video at the Relais du Moulin located in Sainte-Anne in Guadeloupe.

It is true that the health situation related to the Covid-19 epidemic in France and especially in her native island did not allow the artist to carry out a big promotional tour to present to the public her new song produced by Le Bon Tuyau Music. However, the video clip, released on June 9, has already been viewed more than 90,000 times on YouTube and we imagine that this figure will increase further.

Johane Matignon 3
Photo: Video clip screenshot

Determined and passionate

The artist, who says she is determined and passionate, really hopes to succeed in this career in show business and, to do this, she is taking piano, singing and acting lessons ; she is also a movie fan and shows acting videos on her Tik Tok channel.

Johane Matignon, whom nothing predestinated to be in the limelight, says she had the chance to meet people who believed in her and gave her the opportunity to succeed. She also takes as a model the star from Barbados – Rihanna – “who, through what she conveys, pulls her audience upwards, showing that, even coming from a small Caribbean island, everything is possible”. And, thanks to her career, the singer wishes to “convey a positive and hopeful message to all those who think their dreams are impossible to realize, no matter where they come from or their social status, everyone can shine”.

Finally, the young artist is a militant environmentalist. Indeed, she is a member of “Race for Water”, this foundation created in 2010 and dedicated to the protection of the oceans as well as the fight against plastic pollution that invades our planet.